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Prepare for Retirement

Like you, we see retirement as a time to start, not stop. And at StatePlus we've been helping hard-working Australians for over 25 years do just that.

Understand Superannuation

StatePlus explain the basics of public sector super schemes making sure you stay informed on the key features, so you can make informed choices.

Superannuation schemes

StatePlus explain the basics of public sector super schemes making sure you stay informed on the key features, so you can make informed choices.


Redundancy can be a difficult and confusing time but with expert advice from the professionals at StatePlus we can help you get the best results.

Aged Care Planning

Aged care is complex. StatePlus planners understand the financial challenges aged care presents for you. We’ve made it easy to get the answers you need with our essential guides.

Investing for retirement

Whether it's your first time investing or you want to find out more, StatePlus has you covered and can help you find the right investment.

Budgeting and Planning

It can be hard to manage budgets and financial plans, use the StatePlus tools and calculators to help you learn how to budget today.

Get social in retirement

Being socially active can improve both your health and quality of life. It could be just as important as good diet and exercise.

Take retirement for a test run

By moving to part-time work before you retire, you can test the waters on how you will cope emotionally and financially. Find out more.

Transition to retirement

Transition to Retirement can let you acces some of your super before having completely retired. StatePlus can provide a strategy for you.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to maximise your public sector scheme benefit

Public sector superannuation schemes have complex rules. Unless you’re an expert, it can be easy to miss opportunities to maximise the benefit you’ll receive when you retire.


There is increasing evidence to support a link between helping others and good health and happiness. We look at 3 positive impacts volunteering can have on your life.

Superannuation changes back in the spotlight

With the coalition government back in, their controversial proposed changes to super are back in focus. Does it mean a hit to your super or will it provide you with an opportunity to boost your retirement savings? This article looks at what it will mean for you if the changes get through parliament.

Three steps to a successful start to the new financial year

The beginning of a new tax year is the ideal time to get things in order and plan for the future. Here are some ideas to get you off to a flying start with your tax, super and household budget.

Mortgage or super?

A common question we’re asked is whether to put ‘spare cash’ towards paying off the mortgage or maximising contributions. So what’s the answer?

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