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About StatePlus

We’re excited to have a new brand that looks and feels more like we do –generous, knowledgeable and positive.

Our values and our culture

It’s important to know what we do, but it’s crucial to know who we are. In fact, our clients tell us that our culture and our values are a key reason they choose to get advice from us.

Our leadership

Familiarise yourself with StatePlus' Board of Directors and leaders. Find out who they are, what they do, how they contribute to improving StatePlus every day.

Contact StatePlus

We've helped thousands of people with their retirement goals, saving, investment strategies & wealth creation. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


At StatePlus, we believe that sustainable business practices will help us fulfil our responsibilities to clients and stakeholders.

Careers at StatePlus

Are you thinking about applying for a career at StatePlus? Read about who we are and what we stand for here.


We get a lot of questions about retirement, superannuation, investment, and wealth creation. Here are the most frequently asked questions - answered.

Partner with StatePlus

StatePlus partners with super funds, employer associations and unions who want to offer financial advice to members. Find out about our approach and the benefits here.

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