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Retirement advice from every angle

Whatever matters most for your retirement, we’ve got it covered with our financial advice services. Want to provide for your family and live a comfortable life in retirement? We can help you make it happen. Looking to make a gradual move to retirement by working part-time? We can help you make the change without sacrificing your income. You can connect with us online, over the phone or face-to-face at one of our many locations around Australia. We offer flexible advice that’s tailored to match your needs and stage of life.

Helping you navigate your retirement options

Retirement planning

A retirement plan helps you get clear on your goals and puts you on track to achieve your desired lifestyle. Financial advice can help you save for retirement and understand your options, such as whether a transition to retirement strategy is right for you.


Super is a highly effective way to save for your retirement. Getting the most from super involves knowing how much to save, investing appropriately and keeping up with changes in government policy and tax incentives.


Making the right choices for your pension will help secure a flexible, reliable and tax-effective source of income throughout your retirement. Our planners can help you explore the best options for you.

Salary sacrifice

Saving a little extra from your pre-tax earnings now can prepare you for a more comfortable life in retirement. Done right, you can pay less tax and grow your super faster whilst minimising the impact on your cash flow.

Defined benefit schemes

Making the most of your savings in a defined benefit scheme can be complicated. As experts in public sector super schemes, StatePlus can help you make informed choices to maximise your benefits.

Centrelink entitlements

Whether it’s a small or large part of your income, the Age Pension makes a difference to your retirement lifestyle. Our financial planners will help make sure you don’t miss out on your entitlements.

Redundancy advice

Depending on your situation, redundancy can be a trigger to retire early or start a new job. The right advice can help you take the next steps towards a secure future.

Aged Care advice

Maybe it seems too soon to be planning for the aged care you’ll need in later years, but starting early gives you more options and takes the pressure off your family when the time comes.

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We’re experts in retirement. We understand the rules and have 26 years of experience in navigating them to get the best outcomes for people just like you. 
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Client Stories
"They do spend a lot of time trying to get to know you and ensuring that your retirement reflects your priorities in life." Victor, StatePlus client.