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Quality advice changes lives
Quality advice changes lives

Bouncing back from redundancy

Depending on your situation, redundancy could be a welcome relief or an unexpected shock. Either way, you probably have a lot of questions.

Regardless of your circumstances, coming to terms with redundancy and planning out your next steps requires focus and a level head.

It’s not unusual to feel stressed, depressed or even angry in the face of redundancy. It’s perfectly normal to worry about how you will afford the life you’re accustomed to without your income. However, try not to feel that you’ve been singled out personally. Your position has been made redundant, not you.

The average Australian can expect to be made redundant at least once in their career”1

1Sydney Morning Herald, October 2014, A redundancy doesn’t have to be a bad thing

Get clear on the facts

If you’ve been made redundant or have been offered a voluntary redundancy, the best thing you can do now is get informed.

Be aware that your first impulse when faced with redundancy may not be the most prudent. So before you make any decisions, it’s a good idea to do some research and speak to an expert.

An expert who knows your super scheme inside out can help to simplify any complexities. That way, you get straight-forward advice that will make a genuine difference to you and your family during a potentially stressful time.

For over 25 years StatePlus has helped thousands of Australians like you successfully navigate their redundancy. So you can be comfortable that you’re in expert hands.

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Redundancy is about more than just money

We understand that the shock of redundancy affects more than just your bank account. For many Australians, their career is more than just a pay check. It’s part of their identity and even their social life.

We understand that making lifestyle plans is just as important as making financial plans. Understanding what’s important to you and how you want to live your future is our first priority.

At StatePlus, we will keep your finances on track so you can focus on enjoying retirement.

When you meet with a StatePlus planner we will:

At StatePlus there’ll be no surprises when it comes to what you’ll pay. The fee you’ll pay will reflect the advice you actually need and the level of service that you want.

Thinking about redundancy?

Redundancy can be an unexpected and confusing time. Getting expert advice early in the redundancy process can help you get the best results. At StatePlus we simplify the complexities of redundancy, so you get practical, quality advice to help you get the best outcome for your redundancy.

Can you turn redundancy into an early retirement?

Facing redundancy? What’s next?
Redundancy isn’t always a choice, but having a good financial plan is. If think redundancy is a possibility it doesn’t hurt to investigate your options.
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