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Making the best decisions for your redundancy

Redundancy can be an unexpected and confusing time. Getting expert advice early in the redundancy process can help you get the best results. StatePlus has helped hundreds of Australians in the public sector to understand their entitlements and put a clear plan into motion. Let us help you to decide exactly what comes next.

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We simplify the complexities of redundancy, so you get practical, quality advice to help you get the best outcome for your redundancy.
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In 25 years we’ve guided thousands of people just like you through redundancy. You’re in expert hands.
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We give you time to make sure you understand everything. There’s no rush. There’s no pressure.
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We understand that redundancy can be a shock for some. We are here to help put you at ease about your financial future.

Turn redundancy around

StatePlus can tailor a financial plan to suit your individual circumstances and redundancy package. With expertise and decision support from a StatePlus financial planner, you can structure your money to support your lifestyle.

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Let us help you make better decisions about your money. We can help you stay on track for the retirement you want.
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Hear from national experts at one of our free seminars in a place near you. Bring along a friend and learn about the impacts of redundancy in the public sector.
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Are you ready to learn five ways to successfully navigate redundancy? Take the first step right now and get your free guide.

Read our free guide

Want to know the facts about redundancy in clear, easy-to-understand terms? Our free guide is a great place to start - download your copy now.  Or, take a look at our video, below, for more information about how StatePlus can help.

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Thinking about redundancy?

  • Can you afford to accept your voluntary redundancy offer?
  • Can you access your super?
  • Are you entitled to Centrelink benefits?
  • Can you retire now?

Once you have a clear understanding how much money you’ll need and figure out how to make up for any financial shortfalls, the future can look much more secure.

Greg's early retirement

StatePlus helped Greg through his voluntary redundancy, allowing him to retire and focus on what's important to him - exploring all life has to offer.