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How we invest your money

At StatePlus we are retirement experts. So we understand the financial needs of pre-retirees and retirees. And that means we manage money differently.

Retirees face some unique risks as they are drawing an income from their investments. This makes them more vulnerable to the volatility of investment markets.

We are sensible about how we invest. We don’t seek outsize returns. Instead our priority is to reduce risk while providing certainty of income. The result is peace of mind for our clients. 

How do advice and investing fit together?

At StatePlus we have financial planners and we have an investment team. This means as well as giving advice we can also invest your money. 

Our investments and advice go hand in hand. So we can work smarter to help you achieve your financial goals. And we have the insights to match your investments to your specific needs.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to invest your money with StatePlus. We will always recommend the best investment to suit your individual needs. And this may mean investing with another provider or sticking with your existing investments. Our advisers are not paid commissions so they have the freedom to always act in your best interests.

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How we invest for retirement

The money you have when you retire is the most you’ll ever have. At this stage of life, you are also at your most vulnerable to falls in the share market. 

So our priority when we manage money is to:

  • Protect your savings
  • Provide stable, secure and predictable income; 
  • Seek modest growth to protect your money against the effects of inflation and make sure your savings will last.

The tax benefits available to Australian retirees are very significant. We make sure when we invest that we maximise the potential tax benefits for our clients.

Learn more about our superannuation and investment products
Allocated Pension

Find out what an Allocated Pension is, and how it will help you manage your income stream during your retirement, in a way that suits your personal needs.

Personal Retirement Plan

The Personal Retirement Plan is a product designed to help investors who seek specific benefits from their superannuation fund.

Tailored Super Plan

The Tailored Super Plan is a superannuation product, designed for individuals with specific needs and extra flexibility.

Investment Fund A

Investment Fund A was designed to help you develop your own financial strategy and investment portfolio, regardless of your age.

Investment Fund B

Investment Fund B was developed to provide strategic investment flexibility. Create an investment portfolio and achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

Flexible Income Plan

The Flexible Income Plan allows you to manage your money in retirement and receive regular pension payments.

Fixed Term Pension Plan

The Pension Plan closed to new members on 19 September 2004.

Pension dates

Interested in the Allocated Pension, Flexible Income Plan and Term Allocated Pension? Your pension payment dates, up until June 2018, are detailed here.