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Quality advice changes lives
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Our advice services

Advice makes a difference to your life

Research* shows that people who get financial advice (when compared with those who don’t): 

  • Feel more confident about meeting their retirement goals 
  • Have a better standard of living when they retire 
  • Are significantly less likely to depend on the age pension 
  • Make more personal super contributions
  • Are significantly more confident in their ability to manage higher levels of investment risk 

We’re experts 

Our expert planners can help you make the best decisions for your future. We can help you:

  • Work out the best time to retire
  • Maximise benefits from your scheme
  • Understand how much money you’ll need and how you can make up any shortfall
  • Put plans in place to work less as you get older without sacrificing your income
  • Put plans in place to look after your children and parents
  • Manage your everyday finances

Advice on your terms

We make life easy for you. This means having the flexibility to access advice when, how and where you want it. 

Event Advice to Life Advice

Life is full of changes. And that means your advice needs will change too. So we give you choice.

Event Advice is designed to be there when you need it most. When something happens that you didn’t see coming or perhaps couldn’t plan for. Things like inheriting money, being made redundant or entering into a divorce.  Event Advice allows you to access expert help for one off issues without committing to an ongoing relationship with a planner.

Life Advice provides you with expert help now and into the future. Your planner will help you cut through the noise and stress of everyday to give you control of your money and peace of mind about your future. We’re committed to a long term relationship with you and we’ll regularly review your plan to make sure you stay on track to meet your goals.

Our services

We offer the services and investments you need to successfully plan for retirement and manage your future. Our services include: 

  • Financial advice including retirement planning for pre-retirees and retirees
  • Superannuation and pension investments

How much will I pay?

At StatePlus there’ll be no surprises when it comes to what you pay. The fee you pay will reflect the advice you actually need and the level of service that you want.

  • Your first appointment with a planner is without cost or obligation
  • We explain how much your advice will cost in our first meeting with you
  • We won’t charge you any fees until your financial plan is finalised and you have provided your explicit agreement to action that plan
  • If you only have questions about your State Super scheme choices, or how to make the most of your scheme, then the advice will be provided at no cost to you

Where to next?

*A summary of the findings from the Australian Retirement Vision Survey – Rice Warner, August 2015

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Confidence you’re in good hands
We’re experts in retirement. We understand the rules and have 26 years of experience in navigating them to get the best outcomes for people just like you. 
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Client Stories
"They do spend a lot of time trying to get to know you and ensuring that your retirement reflects your priorities in life." Victor, StatePlus client.