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This table shows the strategic asset allocation as at 1 December 2019.


Primarily invests in short-term debt securities and term deposits with a maturity of less than one year. The short term debt securities are issued by the Federal or State Governments of Australia (or their statutory authorities), or by Australian banks and authorised dealers in the short-term money market. The term deposits are issued by Australian and international banks in Australian dollars and are not guaranteed by any Government entity. The option may also include a small exposure to high quality corporate issuers, as well as futures, interest rate derivatives and other derivatives.

Standard Risk Measure:

1 – Very low

Who might invest in this option?

This option may suit short-term investors who want to avoid negative returns, with very stable but low expected returns. You should be aware that, depending on prevailing interest rates, the return you receive may not keep pace with inflation, which may mean there is little or no short-term real growth.