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Investment commentary

Our fund is in a strong position to meet your needs

How are markets recovering from COVID-19? Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham talks about what we can expect, and how First State Super is strongly positioned.

Risks of switching options during market volatility

Markets have reacted strongly to the coronavirus. What does this mean for your superannuation and retirement?

Should you switch to cash when markets are volatile?

Is it better to switch to cash when share markets are volatile? It may ‘feel safer’, but you may lose out in the long run. Find out why from Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester.

Why did shares do well despite a weak economy?

Markets were uncertain in FY2019 and interest rates are at an all-time low. Yet share markets have boomed. Why did investment markets behave so strangely and what does it mean for you?

Why compound interest is like a financial snowball

What is compound interest and why is it so powerful? What are the 3 ingredients needed to make it work and how can it help your retirement savings work much harder?

What does Australia’s low inflation mean for investors?

What do retirees and pre-retirees need to know about investing in a low-inflation environment? What’s the problem when inflation is surprisingly low? Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester explains.

Investing for a steady income in retirement

How can you make sure you have a sustainable income in retirement? Why is it important to invest for the long-term, in the right companies? Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester explains.

How to handle market uncertainty in 2019

What’s causing the current market volatility and how should you deal with it? Should you make changes in your investments? Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester gives some tips on how to handle market uncertainty in 2019.

Financial markets year in review 2018

It’s been a volatile year for financial markets. How do you deal with the uncertainty? Michael Winchester reviews 2018 and gives some investing tips to help you have a peaceful night’s sleep.

What to look for when comparing super funds’ investment returns

It’s tempting to just switch to a super fund that has higher returns. But focusing solely on returns is potentially dangerous. Michael Winchester, Head of Investment Strategy, explains why.

What’s shaping investment markets today?

When the US Fed raises interest rates, how does it affect investors in Australia? Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester explains what’s shaping investment markets today.

A year of two halves for diversified investors

It’s been a great year for growth assets. Will this continue? Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester reviews shares, fixed income and property investments in the last 12 months.

How long will this bull market last?

For the past 7 years global financial markets have had a great run. But how long will this bull market last? Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester discusses.

How interest rates, trade wars and franking credits affect you

When the Fed raises interest rates, how could it affect your investments? Should you be worried about a trade war? Hear from Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester.

Will it be smooth sailing for share markets in 2018?

Why have share markets been on a roller coaster ride? What do Aussie companies’ future earnings look like? Michael Winchester, Head of Investment Strategy, discusses 3 hot topics for Australian investors.

3 key things for investors to watch in 2018

How will share markets do? Are interest rates going up? What’s going to happen to the housing market? Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester talks about 3 key things to watch in 2018.

What can we learn from 2017?

How did markets perform in 2017? What’s driving the global economy and how will these trends affect your investment returns? Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester reviews the year 2017.

What is financial freedom and how do I get there?

Worried about running out of money? How do you make sure you have enough to live today and in the future? Investment expert Michael Winchester talks about how you can achieve financial freedom in retirement.

Property in a retirement portfolio

Why do we invest in property for retirement? How do the yields compare among the different types of property investing? Find out from Head of Investment Strategy Michael Winchester.

How inflation can affect your savings

Did you know inflation can eat away at your retirement savings? How do you make sure your investments grow faster than inflation especially in retirement? Hear from Head of Retirement Strategy Michael Winchester.

A great year for shares but exercise caution

Global share markets had a very strong run in FY2017. Will we see a correction soon? Investment expert Michael Winchester gives some important investing tips for the next 12 months.

Investment commentary June 2017

How do you make sure your money can last you throughout your retirement? Should you focus on investments that provide high income, or preserving capital? Learn more.

Investment commentary April 2017

Is cash 'safer'? Did you know investing in just cash might end up being risky from a long-term perspective. It’s important to understand that volatility is not the same as risk. Investment expert Michael Winchester explains why.

Investment commentary March 2017

Investor sentiment is much more positive today than 12 months ago. So what can we learn from the past year? Investment strategy expert Michael Winchester gives some tips about what a long-term strategy really means in practice.

Investment commentary February 2017

Property prices have dominated headlines for more than a decade now, but what’s been the impact of housing construction on the Australian economy? Acting Chief Investment Officer Michael Winchester explains.

Investment commentary January 2017

If 2016 was the year of political surprises, what will 2017 hold? StatePlus Investment Strategist Michael Winchester discusses what to expect for commodity prices, interest rates and bond yields.

Investment commentary December 2016

Markets shrug off political surprises to finish 2016 on an even keel. Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham reviews the past year and what could affect your investments in 2017.

Investment commentary November 2016

Will the Trump presidency affect your investments? Markets may now be volatile for some time. Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham explains why it’s so important to stay diversified.

Investment commentary October 2016

Australia enters a new era as RBA Governor Glenn Stevens bows out after 10 years. What lies ahead? How are current oil prices affecting inflation? Hear from Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham.

Investment commentary September 2016

Will we see a US interest rate hike before the end of the year? What are the key take-outs from the Australian reporting season? Hear from Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham.

Investment commentary August 2016

How did investors respond to the RBA interest rate cut in early August? Hear Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham talk about the Australian and global economic outlook in the current low interest rate environment.

Investment commentary July 2016

It looks like markets are facing increased volatility and moderate economic growth in the year ahead. Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham wraps up the 2016 financial year and looks at what’s ahead.

Investment commentary June 2016

Shares and fixed income markets improved in May though some markets are looking a bit expensive. But all eyes are on the US and Britain at the moment. Find out why.

Investment commentary April 2016

Share markets have turned around dramatically. Find out from Chief Investment Officer Damian Graham how you should be responding to this.

Investment commentary March 2016

It’s not all doom and gloom. We’re seeing signs of an improving economic environment over the next few months. How do you ride out this uncertainty? Find out from Damian Graham...

Investment commentary February 2016

How should you be thinking about your investments in today’s environment? Find out why it’s so important to diversify and learn more about how what’s happening in markets in Australia and around the world…

Investment commentary January 2016

The first few weeks of 2016 have been marked by an increase in share market volatility and continuing concerns about the Chinese economy. But as we look around the world there’s much to be optimistic about.

Investment commentary November 2015

As the year draws to a close investors are looking ahead to 2016 with mixed feelings. The growth outlook is generally improving across the major economies although there are some concerns about China.

Investment commentary October 2015

Damian Graham gives an update on how Australian and other key markets performed in October. He also looks at China’s new five year economic plan.

Investment commentary August 2015

August saw significant weakness in share markets globally as investors became wary of the potential for Chinese economic growth to slow at a greater rate then previously expected.

Investment commentary July 2015

In July we saw some significant moves in equity markets, and bond yields generally fell. The most spectacular moves were in China, where the extraordinary bull market of the last year met with a sharp correction.

Investment commentary June 2015

Two major events dominated headlines in June – the breakdown in negotiations over the Greek debt bailout, and the sharp correction in the Chinese equity markets. Volatility across markets increased and investors saw losses on most growth assets, and on some bond portfolios, as yields shifted higher.

Investment commentary May 2015

In May we saw weakness in Australian bank shares and another rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). Mediocre economic data ...

Investment commentary April 2015

In April we saw significant reversals in the key trends of the last 12 months, with the oil price rising significantly and the US dollar falling. With the gradual ...