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GESB Super

A true and tried performer

Established more than 70 years ago, the Government Employees Superannuation Board (GESB) manages over $15 billion in super funds for current and former Western Australian public sector workers.

Designed as a not for profit fund, especially for WA public sector members, it offers competitive fees. GESB also has an array of straight forward investment choices as well as insurance options.

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When it comes to providing financial advice about GESB, StatePlus are a great professional choice. Our planners deal with this fund on a regular basis, so you can benefit from our experience and in-depth knowledge. 

At StatePlus, our service is flexible to suit you. We can provide you with advice on your terms, through either an ongoing relationship with your local financial planner or on an ad-hoc basis as you need it. Our focus is providing you with the best solutions on wealth creation, and in the most convenient manner.

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